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The most iconic mouse in esports has evolved: Sensei Ten

Rival 500

  • PixArt PMW3360 Optical Sensor
  • 15 Button Layout
  • Customizable Tactile Alerts
  • Reinforced left and right switches

Incluido gratis
- $34,98 Valor
  • + QcK Vector
  • + Mouse Bungee

Next-Gen Button Layout

Say goodbye to the antiquated 12-button grid layout. We designed the layout of the Rival 500 to resemble the natural motion of your thumb, so it's easier and faster to secure every click.

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Flickdown Switches

With a simple flick of the thumb, the two lower buttons can be pressed quickly and naturally. Alternatively, these buttons can be locked and function as an extended thumb rest.

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Tactile Alerts

The mouse is no longer merely an input device; gamers can now feel in‐game events, aiding them in critical decision‐making. Personalice cada aspecto de las alertas desde la intensidad hasta los patrones de vibración.

Sobre el Rival 500

The Rival 500 is the first MOBA/MMO mouse designed to function with the natural movements of your hand. Featuring a next-gen button layout, flickdown switches, and tactile alerts, the Rival 500 helps you react quickly and effectively to anything thrown your way.



Matte Top Cover



Estilo de agarre

Palm, Claw, and Fingertip

Número de botones


Pulsadores Steelseries

Calificado para 30 millones de clics


129 g / 4.6 ounces


118.6 mm / 4.7 inches


78.3 mm / 3.1 inches


43.3 mm / 1.7 inches

Longitud de cable

2 m / 6.5 ft


Nombre del sensor

PixArt PMW3360

Tipo de sensor








Tasa de sondeo

1 ms (1000 Hz)

Aceleración de hardware cero

Tracking Accuracy


Opciones de personalización

Soporte Gamesense

Personalización de alertas táctiles

Soporte del motor SteelSeries

Configuración de perfil a bordo

Botones programables

Personalización de la aceleración

Personalización de desaceleración

Múltiples opciones de CPI

Opciones de color

16.8 Milliones

Placa de identificación 3D imprimible

Contenido de la caja

Rival 500

Guía de inicio rápido

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cómo puedo saber si el Rival 500 es el ratón para juegos adecuado para mí?

Gran pregunta The Rival 500 is the perfect moba/mmo gaming mouse for gamers that want a next-gen side button layout, tactile alerts, and a top-tier optical sensor. Alternatively, you can use our interactive mouse guide, and compare the Rival 500 with our other gaming mice here

Why didn't SteelSeries use the 12 button grid like other MMO gaming mice use?

We believe that it's time for a change, and the outdated number grid design no longer meets the needs of gamers. After three years of exhaustive testing and iterating, we developed a revolutionary side button layout built entirely around how your thumb and hand interact with the mouse.

¿Cómo solicito una placa personalizada para mi Rival500?

No hacemos placas de identificación personalizadas para cada Rival 500, pero puede crear su propia placa de identificación con una impresora 3D. The files for the nameplate can be downloaded from the link provided in the specifications section of this page.

Will the Rival 500's tactile alerts affect my accuracy or precision?

Absolutely not, the Rival 500's alerts will never impact your tracking performance. By designing the motor to go up and down, as opposed to left and right, we can ensure that the tactile alerts will never impact tracking accuracy.