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Which New World Faction Should You Choose?

Which New World faction is right for you? We've lined everything out here for you.

What New World faction should you choose? Think it over carefully when coming into Amazon's new MMO, as this decision will color much of your game as you make your way through. While it isn't immediately obvious what kind of ramifications this choice will have on your playthrough, know that there are parts of the game that will be impacted by this decision in significant ways. That's why we've put together a reference for you to take note of when choosing a faction so you know what you're getting yourself into. Here's what you should know about which of the three New World factions you should choose.

How to choose your New World faction

A look at the game's three different factions.Source: Amazon

There are three different factions to choose between in New World:

  • Marauders: Aeternum's militaristic group looking to establish a free nation.

  • Covenant: A fanatical order looking to raze the land and rid it of any potential heretics.

  • *Syndicate8: A secret society looking to obtain hidden knowledge and reveal the secrets of the land.

It's important to remember that while no one faction completely alters the course of your game, you'll need to make an informed decision just the same, as there are still important reasons to choose one faction over another.

Factions matter when it comes to taking territory throughout the world of Aeternum. It's easy to remember: control more land, and faction members become stronger. You'll also see better loot drops and improved crafting if your faction happens to lay down the law of the land. The more dominant factions will change per server, so check and see who might be taking charge over others in your server before making this important decision.

Factions are also important when it comes to playing with others. It's a good idea to coordinate so all of you are on the same team. You won't want to work against each other in future PvE events like sieges or invasions, and it'll make things difficult to work together in this manner. You'll want to talk to your friends and plan all of this out before someone rolls a character and joins the wrong faction and causes potential rifts in your player group. If you choose a faction you don't want to be in, you'll have to wait a whopping 120 days to change it again. And by then, you'll have lost so much precious progress you may as well have started a new character.

Other than that, there aren't any real advantages or disadvantages to choosing one faction over the other. But you will want to at least keep the above details in mind, because you'll want every advantage you can get. As Olivia Rodrigo said, it's brutal out there.

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