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Playing Minecraft With SteelSeries' GameSense

Minecraft players have an awful lot to keep track of, and the GameSense app for SteelSeries Engine is here to help!

SteelSeries Engine is loaded with all kinds of helpful apps that you can customize to enhance the gaming experience. The next time you set off on a quest for diamonds and adventure, give the Minecraft GameSense app a try! It lets you configure RGB effects so you can get extra reminders or just fun stuff like GIFs. The mod is not only free, but it's also open source so you can contribute, too!

GameSense is WAY more useful than those slacker Nitwit villagers! Source: tenor

Here are just a few things you can do with the Minecraft GameSense app:


Save an inventory slot and let your SteelSeries gear show you the way. This handy tool can be assigned to just about any location on your gear that you choose. On the keyboard, your direction will be shown on the arrow keys by default, like so:

Health meter

Is Leroy Jenkins your spirit animal? Do you like to push your health to extreme limits before you heal yourself? See your health at a glance or watch it go down as you wonder why you took a swim without a water breathing potion:

Air meter

Speaking of swimming, I made a line of keys to help keep track of my air levels while diving for treasure:

Custom OLED

You can even change your OLED image to correspond with different stats, such as durability, health, or hunger when they reach a certain level. I inverted this pick axe to let me know when a tool reaches 50% durability.

Durability Meter

Get a look at the durability of your tools and weapons with this handy RGB effect. You can trigger illumination on your gear in a number of ways. Here's what it looks like on the Rival 650:

Warning System

Minecraft has a ton of stats right at your fingertips and you can easily view most of them right from the HUD. However, if you're the kind of gamer that glues themselves to the screen and forgets to eat or check your health before running into a cave spider spawn, might we suggest setting up a warning system.

You can configure RGB effects to change color or strobe depending on what will best get your attention. I've omitted an image of my strobing mouse as not to hurt the photo-sensitive viewer, but it certainly snaps me out it when I'm in the zone!

How to set up Minecraft GameSense

To try this handy app for yourself:

  1. Open your SteelSeries Engine.
  2. Scroll down to the Minecraft GameSense app.
  3. Select "Download Mod" or get it SteelSeries GameSense Mod.
  4. Return to your SteelSeries Engine and select "Configure" for the Minecraft app.
  5. Check out the options! They're already pretty handy by default, but you can also highlight keys and create your own rules, like I did with the air meter and OLED screen.

Have fun!

Did you know? The SteelSeries Engine is your key to enhanced RGB gameplay and entertainment. Turn your music into a light show with Audio Visualizer, color coordinate with PrismSync, check out track info with Tidal, never miss a Discord notification and more! How do YOU use your SteelSeries engine? Let us know on Twitter!