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Xbox One Gaming Headsets
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Designed specifically for competitive gaming on Xbox One, enjoy the award-winning sound, comfortable design, and durable quality of Arctis gaming headsets in both wired and wireless best for Xbox.

SteelSeries Xbox One Gaming Headsets

Award-winning headsets for Xbox One

SteelSeries gaming headsets are designed specifically for Xbox One. With retractable or detachable microphones, easily transform your headset into a great pair of headphones.

Why SteelSeries is the best in the game

SteelSeries offers both wireless and wired model headsets designed to be the best and highest rated in Xbox One gaming, including top quality and surround sound. This popular headset line is recommended for competitive pro level Xbox One gameplay, VR games, streaming, travel, audiophiles, and music.

High-quality headsets for every price range

As a leader in the industry, SteelSeries headsets offer the best rated headsets on sale with affordable quality to buy at every price range, including budget and expensive headset deals at a great value.

Dominate the game on all your devices

SteelSeries Xbox One headsets works on many platforms including mobile phones. They are compatible and easy to setup with a variety of supported accessories like extension cables, stands, cords, and wires to make them multi-platform and compatible with devices like mobile phones, tablets, Mac, Apple, Android, iPad, iPod, and more. This makes them ideal for not just gaming, but work, movies, music, school, and travel. Use them to play games like Fortnite on the go.

Sleek designs for Xbox One pros

Built for comfort with moisture-wicking cool Airweave fabric and a sleek and slim lightweight design, the durable headset looks as premium as it feels. Arctis Xbox One headsets are adjustable to fit small to large head sizes comfortably, and are built durable with steel headbands for extra durability while remaining comfortable.

Hear every footstep with best-in-class audio

In games like Fortnite, Pokemon, LoL, Halo, Overwatch, PUBG, as well as FPS and shooter games, and especially in tournaments and competitive play, clear audio and chat is important. Arctis headsets include surround sound options, on-ear volume controls, Bluetooth functionality, long battery life, audio mixers, and universal connectivity from USB, USB-C, and 3,5 mm jacks. From quiet to loud, you can hear every high quality game sound in crystal clear detail. The retractable or detachable noise cancelling microphone is great for clear voice communication on Discord with no feedback, and even works great for recording and streaming your favorite games.