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Music for Gaming

It’s easy to get lost in your favorite game for hours on end. Having the right music to listen to can help you relax, stay focused, increase your APM, improve your mood, and more. From Fortnite to Sea of Thieves, we’ve compiled a playlist for some of our top Xbox and PC games to help you keep your momentum; whether you're waiting to load in, or for when you compile those montage-worthy moments.


For Fortnite, we had to go with a synthwave theme. The vibrant colors of the landscape along with the futuristic feel was our inspiration for the playlist. This playlist has a good flow for when you’re in the queue for the game or when you’re in the thick of that build battle with your opponents:

These are just our suggestions - what are you favorite Fortnite jams? Let us know on Twitter, and we might add them to the playlist!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 / Blackout

For this playlist, we went with an alternative rock set up. Call of Duty is faster paced so it requires that high intensity music for when you frag out, or for when you eventually make that MLG montage vid:

What music gets you pumped in Blackout? Let us know on Twitter, and we might add your suggestions to the playlist!


We know listening for footsteps is important, but we just can’t help listening to music while we run from the blue. PUBG is all about flow, whether it’s trying to get the first AR on the hot drop, being in the middle of that Kar98 battle, or hiding in a bathroom, these songs will keep you moving with its chillhop/hip hop vibes:

What do you listen to when you’re playing PUBG (or do you prefer listening for footsteps)? Let us know on Twitter, and we might add your suggestions to the playlist!

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves’ recent resurgence in popularity is exciting for salty sailors everywhere! The seamless mixture of sailing the big blue ocean hunting for treasure, avoiding megologons, and sinking other ships in PvP is definitely an experience to be had. When you get tired of the in-game hurdy-gurdy and drum solos, try out this playlist - our picks will make your sea voyages even more epic (so of course we included Rush, Journey, and Kansas):

What are your favorite sea-faring tunes? Let us know on Twitter, and we might add your suggestions to the playlist!

We know that musical preferences are a really subjective matter, so of course these are just our suggestions. Let us know which tracks you think belong on here, or link us your favorite game-specific playlists!