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3 BIG Ways to Support Small Streamers

If you have a friend or know of a streamer that's just starting out, there are a lot of ways you can help them grow.

This post was inspired by a Twitter discussion between SteelSeries and the gaming community - you can join the conversation HERE!

Source: Patreon

Want to spread some love? Here are a few super easy ways to support the up and coming streamers in your life:

#1 - Be there, even if it's just in the background

If you're in any way online when they're streaming, open their stream and keep the tab open for however long you're online - seeing extra viewers can make a huge difference, even if they're not interacting!

#2 - Hit up the chat

Since you're online anyway, go ahead and send a few messages in chat every once in a while - you could be the difference between that streamer/your friend talking to themselves all night or having an engaging conversation with someone on stream.

When a streamer actually gets to talk with their viewers, their stream and the experience gets taken to a whole other level (it not, only makes the stream better but you can start to build a further/stronger relationship with that streamer themselves).

#3 - Share the love, share the link!

If you enjoy a small streamer/content creator's content, one of the MOST IMPACTFUL actions you can take to help them out is to tell others about it...

  • share their videos every now and then
  • tweet their stream link when they're live

...both small things with a BIG impact!

Here are a few of the streams our Twitter community shared - check them out!

Are YOU a new streamer?

We know it can be tough, especially if you're talking to yourself the whole time, but don't give up!

Source: Streamlabs

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Team up with other streamers to co-stream or give each other shout outs
  • Join a streamers support network such as Groups on Facebook or a guild on Streamlabs
  • Set up a Patreon page so followers know how they can support you
  • Follow our support tips and spread the love - you just might get it in return and build valuable friendships!
  • Have more tips? Join the conversation on Twitter!
    Header image source: Stream-Aid