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Get a $10 SteelSeries Voucher Playing the Free Naval Action Game World of Warships

Don't wait too long—this offer ends 31 may so act quickly!

What would you say if you could get $10 off the SteelSeries gear of your choosing just for playing a game? If you enjoy online multiplayer tactical shooters as much as you appreciate quality gaming accessories and have never played World of Warships (or haven’t played it for more than a month), then we have a pretty good idea what your answer will be.

To reap the reward, all you need to do is visit here and follow the instructions—you'll receive a special bonus code for the game to your linked email address that, when activated, provides 5 Lucky containers and 10 Triumphant camouflages for your ships. Offer is only available in the US or Canada through 31 may.

Once you activate the code, all you need to do is fight 10 battles in World of Warships. Having done so, you can expect to see the SteelSeries voucher in your inbox by the end of June. It's that simple.

About World of Warships

World of Warships is a historical naval action MMO that places you at the helm of any one of over 400 legendary warships from time period comprising the First and Second World Wars. Dive into massive 12 vs. 12 sea battles with your friends and use tactics and an arsenal of naval weaponry to win the day for your team.

Use the experience gained in battle to make your way up the branches of the different tech trees representing historical powers such as the Royal Navy, US Navy or Imperial Japanese Navy, and amass your very own fleet of battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers — all boasting unique and varied playstyles.