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Essentials: SumaiL

Amidst preparation for The Dota International 2017, we asked Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan about the essential things he brings with him when taking off to the esports event of the year with his team Evil Geniuses. Read on to hear what he had to say.

From the Ghastly Eyrie I can see to the ends of the world, and from this vantage point I declare with utter certainty that this one is in the bag!

  1. Argyle Creased High-Top Sneakers: My shoes of choice are Jimmy Choo's. I like fashion a lot and never leave home or go on stage without a few pairs to choose from.
  2. SENSEI 310: This is the first mouse I've been able to switch to after using the Sensei RAW for so many years. Been loving this mouse the past couple months since I got it, can you tell? ;)
  3. The Monster Rehabs are my go-to energy drink, especially when I’m fighting jet lag at a LAN and need a boost to get through the last match of the day.
  4. Targus x SteelSeries backpack: I don't have a setup ritual, but after every match, I coil my equipment the same way and place it all in my bag the same way. This backpack could probably hold twice as much as I have in there, but then I have room for a trophy.
  5. Arctis 7: Finally someone made a quality gaming headset that doesn't look like I'm about to land a helicopter. Wireless is huge too so I'm not always tangled up in the cord and can take it anywhere easily.
  6. Jewlery: Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors and style inspirations. My 5 rings and bracelet are a tribute to Captain Jack Sparrow.
  7. Samsung Galaxy: Admins take my phone during the match, but as soon as it's over, I take it back to see what my boy GrandGrant had to say about the series.
  8. Passport: I'm from Pakistan and lived there for most of my life, so although I'm with EG in San Francisco now, I make sure to keep this with me at all times when I'm travelling.
  9. QcK+ Edición Evil Geniuses
  10. Apex M500 Edición Evil Geniuses


Pursuing your dreams in a world full of scrutiny is an honorable move, especially in the realm of esports. SumaiL is a professional Dota player that has drastically evolved from playing the game at 6 years old in Pakistan to conquering the pro battlefield with Evil Geniuses at age 15.

While most of our childhoods consist of going to the park and playing tag with friends from school, SumaiL’s upbringing was very different. At a very young age, he was determined to make his family proud by doing something he loved, and that was following his dreams and becoming a professional Dota player. Taken under the wings of Peter "PPD" Dager and Clinton "FeaR" Loomis and then later raised by the rest of his current team, he has transformed from a timid member to a confident competitor that takes the mid lane by storm.

Today, SumaiL continues to play for Evil Geniuses as they prepare for the upcoming The International Dota 2017, a tournament with one of the largest eSport prize pools in the world (a whopping $22.000.000).

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